Ayurveda – A Time-tested wellbeing

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Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life” deals with every aspect of human life. It is acknowledged to be world’s one of the oldest health systems.

Awareness of the world around you and within you is one aspect of life that Ayurveda will teach you. Especially once you know your consultation. When you know your body type, you will discover a whole new world of insight on your constitution, the laws of the nature and how to honor your personal health needs with balance. You will learn that what’s right for you is not necessarily right for someone else. And you will discover how to maintain a balance of your life energies or doshas, because in Ayurveda, balance is health

  • This system is not limited to the disease, symptoms and its treatment; rather it prescribes time tested the whole of the lifestyle.
  • Ayurveda is the first health system which indoctrinates HEALTH in a holistic way.
  • Promotes balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • Ayurveda focuses on prevention and cures equally through its many of the specialised lifestyle and treatment protocol without causing and harm to the body.
  • The Department of Ayurveda in Holistic Life Care is over asserted with Changethu Ayurveda, the name enriched with seven hundred years of devoted history in Ayurveda.
  • Dr Sathish, a legend in Ayurveda, is expertise in treating effectively cervical and lumbar spondylitis & spinal problems, stress, anxiety, psoriasis, gynaecological problems viz. pcod, postnatal care, infertility, postmenopausal syndrome etc.

  • Uniqueness of holistic life care

    • The essence assuring the get rid of approach for joints, spine and nervous disorder.
    • Panchakarma, the uni que therapeutic treatment procedure, a complete body detoxification program through excellent and experienced staff
    • Each person is treated as a unique individual and is provided customized wellness solution
    • Holistic life care has a truly holistic definition of health that includes body, mind, soul and senses
    • Holistic Life Care is among the Best Ayurveda and Nature Cure Hospital in Electronic City Bangalore
    • HLC empowers to take health in your own hands