7 Simple Ayurveda Rituals for Superior Holistic Health

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Posted on January 8, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Ayurvedic rituals for holistic health

7 Simple Ayurveda Rituals for Superior Holistic Health

Ayurveda emphasizes on health and beauty in a holistic perspective. It is believed that the physical aspects and emotional wellbeing of a human is controlled by three elements or also called doshas, they are Vata(air and space), Pitta(fiery liquids or bile) and Kapha(water and earth).

However these three elements needs to be balanced as they predominate each other and that is done by daily rituals which keep them in check as balancing these elements is quite crucial and helps in leading a healthy and a happy life. We try to uncover simple Ayurveda rituals for better holistic health.


Root to all the ailments is the negative mind or unhealthy emotions. People with healthy attitude stay healthy physically and mentally. To calm the mind becomes the crucial part in the pursuit of positive mindset.

Meditation is the key to inculcate positive mindset and even a 10 minutes of meditation can make a considerable amount of health changes holistically. Meditation can be anything that can help you connect with inner self to cleanse all the negative mindset. It may be Breathing mindfully or Yoga, you can choose anything which resonates within you and be consistent with it.

Adjust your body clock according to the sun.

Waking up before sunrise is considered as the best practice according to Ayurveda as it’s the purest and calmest time of the day. Vata element is dominant at the dawn and inhaling the breeze refreshes your body and synchronizes it with the time clock of the sun and help incorporating with the sun’s energy in the body and mind. Hence giving a positive energy.

Warm lemon water

Drinking warm lemon water can improve the digestive system drastically. Ayurveda says the sourness of the lemon help stimulate the body’s pitta which helps in removing the toxic build up from digestive system of the body.

Warm water removes the toxins seated up in the blood streams and helps in the prevention of dreadful diseases. It is advised to drink this early morning before the breakfast.

Enough sleep

Getting ample amount of sleep is the major element in the wellbeing of a person both physically and mentally. Getting enough sleep help you kick start the day with the refreshing mindset and with full of energy, hence a positive mindset.

It is advised to sleep at 10PM and wake up at 6 AM or before sunrise for a healthy lifestyle.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a technique which is introduced by Dr. F. Karach, M.D to the modern world and It is done by rinsing ones mouth with oil and is becoming all trending.

According to Ayurveda oils like coconut and sesame are used due to its lipophilic property, hence they attract fat soluble toxins and pull them out of your mouth which cleanses the mouth with germs and keepy you helthy.

Tongue cleaning

Cleaning tongue has multifold benefits and its highly recommended to inculcate this habit in your daily life which will give you an array of benefits. Scraping your tongue takes off lot of toxins on the tongue which causes bad breath, removes the blocking taste buds which help in reviving the sense of taste which helps in enjoying the taste of food we eat.

Oiling the Body

Body oiling is very much common in spas these days, but it was recommended and practices under Ayurveda much before. It is said that massaging oil to the body brings warmth to the skin, as the oil penetrates the body the tissues are well nourished and brings a glow on the skin. It is recommended to carry out oil massage just before going for shower as it also helps relieving stress.

Follow the above routines to have a Holistic improvements in your lifestyle and to stay away from the chronic diseases as prevention is better than cure.

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