From Management’s Desk

From Chairman’s Board:

Today definitely mankind is facing toughest of the situations. This is for sure that, we have achieved many of the milestones in the economy, politics, science, and many other fronts which contribute to the development and progress of our civilisation. But alas! The man has lost in the jungle of materialism and wanders aimlessly behind vaporising lusts and luxuries. The biggest challenge today we face is about health. The downfall of a man as a man resulted in the flooding of monstrous diseases. Ultimately, atrocious clutches of diseases of human body, mind and spirit engulfing the very existence of mankind; rather it is endangered the whole globe.

This is not going to end here unless and until we should be serious about making conscious efforts to mould the every life safely by means of Holistic approach. Yes! It is the need of the hour to promulgate a march against the unhealthy life habits and make sure our globe safe. With this vision, under the guidance of towering personality of Indian Medicinal system Dr Altaf Ur Rahman, we offer very constructive and comprehensive way of health practice by detoxification & elimination of dreadful disease causing hazardous particles, immune modulating, relaxing and reposeful mind & spirit through Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga & Exercise, Unani & Prophetic Medicine, Homeopathy, and Acupuncture – Global Health System – under one shelter.

From CEO’s Desk

Health, in fact, has now become a need, want and desire of every person on this earth. But the question is what cost and how? The conventional medicinal system has failed miserably to answer this question owing to its frightening side effects and so as inefficient modern lifestyle. Pouring of diseases from all around across the society has left man crippled. This has not happened overnight, but as a matter of fact, it is years long process which resulted from the collection of morbid – toxins at the cellular level secondary to the handicapped lifestyle and distraction from nature’s law. Unfortunately, the western world – so called a leader of civilisation - is nowhere to support the suffering humanity; rather it has added more miseries than ever. Now, the world has the only way out, through the gateway of India, as a remedial doctrine for most of the diseases. It is our strength that we have deep rooted traditional knowledge not only about the medicine but the holistic lifestyle as well. We believe Indian System of Medicines indeed is the true legend in the medicinal world, as our philosophy of medicines is not limited to symptomatic relief of the disease; instead, it eliminates the very root cause of the disease process by preventive and curative measures. In this scenario, I take pride to announce that due to our Chairman’s initiative, a long awaited dream came true in Silicon Valley. It is for sure that our sincere effort at Holistic Life Care - a hub of all the major Indian Medicinal Systems - is going to prove a slingshot solution for all kinds of diseases.

Dr Sathish:

Director of Changethu Ayurveda Pandalam Kerala is an iconic image in the field of Ayurveda. Having enriched history of seven centuries from his fathers and forefathers, he also devoted himself to serving the mankind. He is the legend of Ayurvedic philosophy. His profound practical knowledge of Ayurveda in general and Panchakarma, in particular, has added many achievements in his practice, patient satisfaction is most remarkable one. He, as an important asset of Holistic Life Care, has extraordinary hands-on experience in treating efficiently and effectively joint pain, multiple joint disorders, neck & back pain, all kinds of skin problems, gynaecological disorders, mental stress & strain.