Beggar, 60, helps woman deliver baby girl at busy junction

Holisticlifecare Beggar

Yellamma's wish for a girlchild came true when she delivered a healthy baby on the road and in the middle of the busy junction. But the most amazing moment was when an aged woman beggar, who was sitting nearby, played the midwife.

"This is one of the most beautiful incidents to have happened in our town. Both the mother and the infant are doing well," said Manvi MLA G Hampayya Nayak Ballatgi over phone. Manvi is around 450km from Bengaluru. What's more, the heart-touching incident comes at a time when there have been reports of how people of North Karnataka districts usually start making videos of those in distress (especially road-accident victims) instead of helping them.

A resident of Sanna Bazaar, Yellamma is the wife of agriculturist Ramanna and a mother of three boys. The couple reportedly craved for a girlchild. Yellamma visited a private hospital in the town after having completed 36 weeks. She was advised to visit Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) as she was found to be anaemic. Accordingly, the couple visited Raichur (60km from Manvi) and returned to the town by bus around 9:30am.