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Plants, vegetables, fruits, grains and honey mentioned in the Holy book owe not due to only their physical or medicinal properties but for its very nature of instilling spirituality as well with relevant context. The Glorious scripture enjoins, ‘Eat the good and pure things We have provided you.”

  • It enunciates a basic principle in medicine that for every disease there is a cure.
  • It encourages to use of some of the fruits, vegetables and natural things like pomegranate, grapes, honey, olive, dates etc. the same time it strictly forbids fresh blood, alcohol and other kinds of intoxicants.
  • It is comprehensive and has wider scope in treating diabetes, blood pressure, diseases of oral cavity, mental and spiritual imbalances through its indoctrinated holistic lifestyle.
  • The Department of Prophetic Medicine or Tibb-E-Nabawi in Holistic Life Care Center Electronic City, Bangalore is an unequalled medicinal program where we offer an exclusive solution for diseases to its extensive length along with the very successful integration of the core material world with the life hereafter prognosticating the eternal success. Thus secures growth of an individual at spiritual, mental, emotional, physical as well as social level.

HIJAMA - a fillip of Life

Hijama therapy: Hijama is the Arabic term for wet cupping, where blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes.

The great Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) has observed that "The Al-Hijama is the best of your remedies". He (PBUH) said, "Indeed in cupping (Al-Hijama) there is a cure." Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) also reported saying that, "Healing is in three things: in the incision of the cupper (Al-Hijama), in drinking honey, and in cauterising with fire, but I forbid my Ummah (nation) from cauterisation (branding with fire)."

Benefits of Hijama:

  • It removes dead blood cells from the cardiovascular system, purifies blood and increases red and white blood cells.
  • It clears veins, arteries and capillaries by resolving blockages or stagnated circulation and promotes smooth circulation of blood.
  • It strengths immune system
  • It promotes cell activities
  • It allows the release of local toxins.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • It balances vital energy.
  • By cleansing your body on a regular basis and eliminating as many toxins as possible from your environment, your body can begin to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient than you ever dreamed possible!